West Bay Media Testimonial – Center for Bone and Joint Disease

Tom at West Bay Media Group really helped to take our company’s website to the next level. Anytime we need to make changes or have questions on how to make the site better, Tom is quick to jump into action. He is very knowledgeable about all of the newest technology and makes you feel like [...]

West Bay Media Group Testimonial – X-Techs

Tom, Our web site looks and functions finally as we had envisioned for years! We now have a more professional appearance on the web, and we thank you for that. It certainly was easy working with you,  thank you for your guidance and support during the development of our new web site.  We appreciate your [...]

Content Creation = Value Creation

Hello World of the Web friends!!!! I hope you find this website informative - especially small business owners! Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with many of you from varied backgrounds and walks of life. Thank you for that great opportunity. One of my Strategic Partners is Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. [...]

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Create a WordPress Blog post in 10 steps.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to add a blog post to your WordPress website. 1. Log in to your WordPress Admin account. (this link, user name and password, will be provided by your web developer) 2. Click Post > Add New 3. Add Title 4. Select the Visual Tab 5. Enter Text, Links, [...]

Content Management – The Driver of Traffic!

Content Management – 101   The phrase Content Management has entered into our lexicon in the past decade and is now used every day by web developers interested in driving more quality traffic to their client’s website. So what is content management? First I think is important to understand what the word content means relative [...]

Testimonial by Charlie Mills ~ Marketing Manager Bayside Heating & Air

If we had a “Way to Go” award for overseeing our online “footprint” with the ongoing maintenance and design of ourBayside Heating & Air website, you would win it Tom! You’ve always been available to make immediate adjustments and updates crucial to the marketing of our business, and that is greatly appreciated, especially in the [...]