Tech Thursday – Instagram

Here is the latest Thursday Tech Update. Instagram has now surpassed Twitter in monthly users. Knowing how to leverage the BEST social network for your business is critical. Not all are created equal and not all will add value to your enterprise. If you want to find out how manage your social media call us any [...]

New York Times – Facebook Deal

Here's some interesting news I have just read about regarding Facebook and the New York Times working together to... Posted by West Bay Media Group on Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Network of Christian Counselors on Twitter!

Thank you - Network of Christian Counselors for being the latest Word Press site we launched! — Tom Hamilton (@WestBayMedia) March 9, 2015

The Power of Facebook

The Power of Facebook In my last article, You Live by the Sword You die by the Sword, I talked about Facebook as it relates to the small business owner. In this writeup, I share with you my own personal story about how the power of Facebook can affect our lives in a positive light. [...]

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Social Media and Social Network Marketing

Are you reading this article? Then you must be interested in Social Media and Social Network Marketing and how it can impact your web presence bottom line.  I will explain in more detail the differences between the two and how you can better navigate through each one so your hard work and efforts pay off! [...]