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WordPress Training: How to add an Image Gallery

How to create an Image Gallery in WordPress 1. Create a Page or Post. Title It 2. Click Add Media 3. Click Create a Gallery 4. Select Images from the Media Library and/or Upload Files 5. Click Create Gallery 6. Here you can make all sorts of edits. Note: It’s good to Caption the photos. [...]

Content Creation = Value Creation

Hello World of the Web friends!!!! I hope you find this website informative - especially small business owners! Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with many of you from varied backgrounds and walks of life. Thank you for that great opportunity. One of my Strategic Partners is Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. [...]

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Throwback Thursday – Tech Edition: Memory Storage

Here is a cool ad from 1978 I found. This dude was hit with the babes thanks to his large 65kb (kilo bytes) of Memory Storage. This means you would have to have 1024kb to equal just one MB! (mega byte or megs) Currently I have a 16 Gig thumb drive. My thumb drive has [...]

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Word Press Training: How to Delete a WordPress Website on Host Gator

Sometimes you have to remove a WordPress website. Here is a really good video on how to accomplish it CORRECTLY. I notice other videos only delete the content files - wp files etc. Deleting the ASSOCIATED Database is just as important. Watch below to find out how to remove a WordPress website

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Episode 7 – Drivin’ w Da Bone – Blogging

 Episode 7 - Drivin' w Da Bone - Blogging

Facebook will let any WordPress blog post Instant Articles

This is an interesting opportunity for my WordPress Partners! Yet another reason we are big fans of WordPress. Scale baby!!! http://www.theverge.com/2016/3/7/11171754/facebook-instant-articles-wordpress-blog-plugin