West Bay Media Testimonial – Center for Bone and Joint Disease

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Tom at West Bay Media Group really helped to take our company’s website to the next level. Anytime we need to make changes or have questions on how to make the site better, Tom is quick to jump into action. He is very knowledgeable about all of the newest technology and makes you feel like [...]

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Thanks for coming to our website! Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter - the Small Business Gazette! We provide valuable information for the small business owner interested in getting control of their website. Simply subscribe to the right. Thanks again and welcome aboard!

BlogBlast – Send Valuable Content to Your Social Media Accounts

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One of the biggest challenges for the small business owner is creating content for their business/website.  Let’s face it - not many business owners are publishers so writing content is not their natural inclination. The problem then becomes not posting content to their website or social media. Unfortunately, this turns into a lost opportunity [...]

Luck of the Irish Website Offer!

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Luck of The Irish Well spring is about to be “sprung” and now is the time for spring cleaning! March also means that we are in the final month of the first quarter of 2019. We business owners know the importance of quarters in business and how they ADD UP to make a YEAR!! [...]

WordPress Training: How to add an Image Gallery

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How to create an Image Gallery in WordPress 1. Create a Page or Post. Title It 2. Click Add Media 3. Click Create a Gallery 4. Select Images from the Media Library and/or Upload Files 5. Click Create Gallery 6. Here you can make all sorts of edits. Note: It’s good to Caption the photos. [...]

Check to see if your Website is Down!

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It happens! Sometimes your website goes down. WE do get calls sometimes from our Strategic Partners worried that their websites are down. Usually this is not the case with our sites. We monitor in real time and have contingency in place to solve ANY issue. There are a couple of cool links you [...]

Testimonial by Karen Insana ~ Treasurer of Edgewater Pines

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TESTIMONIAL  When our Board of Directors first started talking about having a web site, I was a little bit concerned. I was afraid that it would mean that we would have to be doing all of the work that was entailed. Instead, we were gifted to have Tom Hamilton and West Bay Media [...]

Content Creation = Value Creation

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Hello World of the Web friends!!!! I hope you find this website informative - especially small business owners! Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with many of you from varied backgrounds and walks of life. Thank you for that great opportunity. One of my Strategic Partners is Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. [...]