The Importance of a Domain Name

As we say often at West Bay Media Group – the web, just like life, is constantly changing and evolving. A Domain Name is the entry point of your web site.

Picking one relevant to your business is important for two reasons.

First is so your potential customer can find you. Therefore, an easy to remember Domain Name is helpful from the old school marketing stand point.,, are good examples of simple easy to remember Domain Names.


Now 10 years ago, and even today, people were/are buying up Domain Names to drive traffic to their main site.

As the sophistication of search engines continue – methods that worked a just a few years ago – can now actually hurt you today. 

The second reason to have a well thought out Domain Name is for the search engines to crawl over them and give you increased exposure.  The keyword “plumbing” in the Domain Name will have increased value only if it is relevant to good quality content.

It is important to keep the content of your site fresh and updated for search engines to improve your visibility in their organic rankings.

At West Bay Media Group – we can help you pick a Domain Name that will enhance your web presence.

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Misleading Domain Name Registration Letter

When you own a website, the Domain Name is most important element.  It tells everyone on the web where your address is and that you are open for business! Since your Domain Name is on the internet, you will receive all sorts of solicitations regarding your Domain Name.

At West Bay Media Group we protect our customers from unwanted solicitations as part of our Strategic Partnership(s).  We also provide educational information right here on our Blog.

Today I created Facebook Videos (don’t forget to follow us there!) showing this Misleading Domain Name Registration Letter to West Bay Media Group.

In the brief videos I will explain:

  • How to read the solicitation letter
  • How is happens
  • Direct Marketing techniques explained
  • Know where your Domain Name is registered
  • Do not do anything if you don’t know what you are doing!
  • The 3 Elements of ANY website



At West Bay Media Group – we can help you pick a Domain Name that will enhance your web presence.


Misleading Domain Name Registration Letter – Part 1

Misleading Domain Name Registration Letter – Part 2