Testimonial – Coffman Capital

Tom Hamilton is a true professional at his craft.  He and Carolyn were personally involved in every aspect of developing the website including the theme, structure, optional pages, illustrations, the works.  When it came to content, he encouraged us to do our best and showed us examples of what might work and how to start.  The one quality I would point to is flexibility.  At no point did I feel boxed in or limited in scope for what we wanted to put together and tell our customers.  They helped us with our logo art as well, working with my own ideas and making it look great, and then producing usable versions for outside printing uses.  As Tom likes to say (a lot): value added service.  Updates and changes are easily done, and in a timely manner, so the website maintenance is working really well.  You’ll enjoy working with West Bay Media Group!

Matt Parker – CEO

Coffman Capital 

Black Friday – ALL OF NOVEMBER

 As we go into the fall of this year, November is the month for Thanksgiving and the top shopping day of the year known as Black Friday.  Every year, after Thanksgiving, the brick-and-mortar and online retailers offer up nice deals on their products and services.  We thought to ourselves, “why wait until Black Friday?“.  That would mean our new & current customers would have to wait until the end of the month for some nice opportunities.  We felt in light of what has been going on, that it was not enough time to decide what additional services you could benefit from. So we decided to call this month’s offer Black Friday All of November. 

Starting on Friday, November 6th, 2020, we are offering a whopping 25% off any & all new services our customers request. This does not apply to monthly maintenance services, but rather to our marketing and design services. 

For example our Pro Plan Custom Responsive website plan, a 10 page website is normally $2,000.00. With the Black Friday All of November 25% off offer, the website would cost $1,500.00 — a savings of $500.00!  We charge $500.00 for Logo Design. When you apply our Black Friday offer, a new logo would cost $400.00 — saving you $100.00.  That means you could have a brand new website and logo for the cost of just the website!

If you are thinking of re-branding or refreshing your website this is a GREAT time to do it. We are here to help. If you have ANY questions please reach out anytime.

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