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At West Bay Media Group, we are always contemplating creative ways to help our strategic partners share their message. For close to twenty years, our management of small business owner websites has given us keen insight into the concerns encountered by entrepreneurs. We realized that time is a precious commodity for them.  One of the main resounding challenges we hear time and again is about the dilemma of how to get the marketing material sent out and READ.

The owner/operator usually has a good concept or idea for their business, which is the conceptual phase of the process. Now, how do you quantify it AND send the message out to the marketplace to be seen? Before there can be any conversion (sale), the product/service must be noticed.

This is why we created
a new marketing product called
The One Sheet.”

“The One Sheet” is intended to be a very simple representation of your business that can be read as an attachment to an email.

As simple as it may seem, having the important products and services available on one electronic file is valuable for Six reasons.

Number 1. Letterhead
The form will have your letter head on it. This shows that you are a professional. For example, if a person prints out “The One Sheet” and leaves it somewhere, anyone that picks it up will have no confusion as to whose company is on the marketing flyer.

Number 2. Easy for the prospect
You make it easy for your prospect. At a quick glance, they see what you are all about.  People that are seeking your services are usually only interested those types of services; hence, if your “The One Sheet” ends up in the hands of someone who is not interested in your service for whatever reason, you eliminate any sort of “tire kickers” and “time-wasters”.

Number 3.   PDF Format
The PDF format is valuable because it is universal, and everyone can read a PDF regardless of operating system. Another benefit is unless someone has a certain application to do so, such as a Word Program, PDF documentation is not easily altered. 

Number 4. Interactive Document & SEO
The electronic version of this document will contain custom hyperlinks that connect back to your website, making it a key benefit for bringing the customers directly to your website for more information, resulting in increased traffic flow to your website organically. This in turn helps your company with SEO rankings.

Number 5. Brevity
The document is easy to read and is vague for a reason.  Brevity is a significant tool in the sales process, and by not overloading The One Sheet with ALL of your information allows the consumer to pick a choice based on their needs.

Number 6. Hard Copy
The interactive digital marketing piece can also be printed out into a hard copy for dropping off anywhere, allowing you the ease of both brick and mortar and digital deployment



At West Bay Media Group, we work hard to take care of our clients which gives us good reason to always be innovating and brain-storming new ideas for them so that they, in turn, can stay focused on their business.

Find out more about “The One Sheet” by visiting our website today,, or DM us anytime on any of our internet platforms.

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Thank you,

Tom Hamilton
CEO / Founder
West Bay Media Group


West Bay Media Group - Holiday Offer

Got Website? – Holiday Offer from West Bay Media Group

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Holidays are now in full swing.
As a business owner you are completing the fiscal fourth quarter.

You want to finish out the year strong
and enter 2021 with good momentum

Now is the PERFECT time to have your website run correctly

I see time and time again the hard-working small business owners realizing they need a website but unsure how to accomplish it. They know it HAS to be done and yet they stay stuck. The challenges of every day ownership takes priority over a fully functioning website. 

A working website is a cost-effective way to increase leads for your business.

Neglecting this important tool is to your own detriment.

I have consulted now with dozens of business owners to help them take control of their website and assisted them to SCALE it.  In my article about Responsive Business Websites I wrote about Moore’s Law  which basically states that power of the microchip doubles every 18 month.  Being aware of these dynamic changes to the internet is something WE do so our Strategic Partners can rely on US to support them on the digital marketing side. 

What does this mean for you?

It means that unless you spend a large amount of time studying how to build websites, how to run them, how to market them, you will find it extremely difficult to keep up. In fact, when I consult with my Strategic Partners, I highly recommend to them NOT TO DO IT YOURSELF AKA DYI!

The whole purpose of West Bay Media Group is to help the small business owner as a Strategic Partner. This means that you will have a reliable and trustworthy partner to deploy your content on your website. Additionally, it means you have the peace of mind knowing that your website works and is maintained with the most updated software and security features.

Search engines crawl each page of your website individually. So it stands to reason that the more QUALITY pages you have on your website the more likely it will get noticed in the organic search. With that concept in mind we are offering our Got Website Holiday offer UNTIL DEC 31ST 2020!

For any small business owner looking for a new website we will provide the Pro Package Plan at the Basic Plan pricing!! This means YOU will get an additional 5 pages added to your website and save $500.00!

West Bay Media Group - Holiday Offer

With this great deal you can use the savings to help jump start the marketing of your brand new custom responsive website. In summary, you are getting a 10 page website (Pro Plan) for the cost of a 5 page website (Basic Plan). STOP worrying about your website and begin USING it as a VALUABLE TOOL for your business. If you can email and send an attachment, YOU can own a Custom Responsive Website and OPERATE it to increase sales online.

We are intent with helping our Partners long term. Please contact me as soon as possible to take advantage of this great deal! This is a limited time offer so do not hesitate. Now is YOUR time to RUN your website. Do not delay and call today!

Thank you for reading,

Tom Hamilton

West Bay Media Group

Black Friday – ALL OF NOVEMBER

 As we go into the fall of this year, November is the month for Thanksgiving and the top shopping day of the year known as Black Friday.  Every year, after Thanksgiving, the brick-and-mortar and online retailers offer up nice deals on their products and services.  We thought to ourselves, “why wait until Black Friday?“.  That would mean our new & current customers would have to wait until the end of the month for some nice opportunities.  We felt in light of what has been going on, that it was not enough time to decide what additional services you could benefit from. So we decided to call this month’s offer Black Friday All of November. 

Starting on Friday, November 6th, 2020, we are offering a whopping 25% off any & all new services our customers request. This does not apply to monthly maintenance services, but rather to our marketing and design services. 

For example our Pro Plan Custom Responsive website plan, a 10 page website is normally $2,000.00. With the Black Friday All of November 25% off offer, the website would cost $1,500.00 — a savings of $500.00!  We charge $500.00 for Logo Design. When you apply our Black Friday offer, a new logo would cost $400.00 — saving you $100.00.  That means you could have a brand new website and logo for the cost of just the website!

If you are thinking of re-branding or refreshing your website this is a GREAT time to do it. We are here to help. If you have ANY questions please reach out anytime.

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