Is it time for a NEW website?

Is it time for a NEW website?

Is it time for a new website?

If you’re reading this headline, you know that it is time for a new website. I’ve worked with countless business owners over the years, and I have helped them transition their websites. Usually what I see is they have a first-generation website that I like to call version 1.0.

When they come to me, they’re ready to go to version 2.0 but they don’t know how to do it. For example, they may have a vague way of how to use a website builder platform. Overtime they are stuck with a generic boring unchanging website. They are challenged to go to the next level.

In this article I am going to outline 3 challenging issues of running a small business website. Then I will explain a very basic way to move onto a new website, and have it work for you!

Challenging Issue – Number 1
The customer can’t change the content.

When I first encounter new customers, I hear this lament quite often. They say stuff like “I just want to upload a picture”, “I need to change my menu”, “I don’t know how to update my calendar”.

One of the most basic features of a website is the publishing of content. Generally speaking, this involves text and images. Certainly, there’s other items as well, but we are sticking to the fundamentals which are text and images.

Here you can make a choice of just throwing up text and images in any old way, without much proofing on the text, and no editing of the images. You and your customers will see the results on the website. It won’t look good, and it will not be user friendly. Additionally, if you build a website that looks clunky, Google will not give you favorable ranking based on your organic content.

Our solution is using WordPress as the backbone for all of our websites. It’s a great CRM and powers approximately 40+% of the Internet websites today. Also, the architecture lends itself to good crawl for Google search bots. So, in this position you can now craft the text to make it look good for search engine optimization purposes, and also optimize the images as well for fast loading.

Challenging Issue – Number 2
Marketing of the Website.

Since we now live in a web 3.0 world customers rely on social media for marketing. Yes, it is easy and convenient and yes it works. But in marketing it’s always good to have a home base which is yet another marketing tool that you can leverage for leads. The reason you want to have a website  is so that your company can control all of the  content and not have to worry about getting de-platformed. This theory makes perfect sense. The issue that I run into with new customers is they have challenges, as mentioned in challenge number one, of putting content on the website.

The solution we provide for all of our customers is our Content Management program.  The client will provide the content, and we can also create content for them. By being a Strategic Partner for our clients, we can assist them with better graphics, improved content that makes sense to their audiences, and better UI/UX interaction that is well liked by search. So, in addition to using existing social media platforms, our customers now have a valuable SELF Run platform that is connected to their social accounts.

Challenging Issue – Number 3
Business Email.

I chose Business email as Number 3 because it needs to be shared and talked about. There are many times I’ve seen web developers not pay attention to Business Emails. This is really important because you control the Domain Name associated with the emails. If you have multiple employees with business emails, it is critical the owner has access to total administration of the emails. So, understanding how your emails work, where they are located, and having access to the back end is super important. For example, if you have to fire an employee, you want to make sure you access their email for liability protection. There are other issues that can affect your business emails, but we can’t go into here due to the space of this article. The best practice here is to make sure you can access all of your business emails.

This was a brief explanation of key points that need to be managed as part of the ongoing live website. It can be an asset for your business if properly run and maintained. As the founder of West Bay Media Group, I am here to help you reach the next level of website/business. Please DM me anytime with any website questions.

Best of luck!

Tom Hamilton
CEO/Founder West Bay Media Group





West Bay Media Group welcomes One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments

West Bay Media Group welcomes One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments

Phone: 727-410-2277

West Bay Media Group welcomes One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments to its portfolio of digital assets.

[St. Petersburg, Florida May 17th 2021]One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments is the first alternative, com-petitive format to singles and doubles since the inception of the game in the 1870s. Coach Ed Krass is the founder and director of One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments. Realizing the website needed to be refreshed and updated, Coach Krass reached out to West Bay Media Group, CEO Tom Hamilton, for guidance.

“I have an existing relationship with Coach Krass, and, as my other career is in music, my band has per-formed at his tournaments during LIVE matches! It is an innovative approach, to say the least; hence, adding One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments to our growing digital portfolio of Strategic Partners checked all of our boxes for potential future development.” – Tom Hamilton CEO

The new website meets the highest standards of web development by leveraging the power of the open-source WordPress platform. One of the goals of One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments is to attract younger players. The game facilitates the development of strong fundamentals which are needed to be successful in tennis. Since the target market is youth, the website was constructed with that aim in mind. Today, most of the internet traffic is consumed through smart phones. Therefore, we designed the website to provide smart phone customers a user-friendly approach so they can easily access important information such as tournament dates and details.

Coach Krass stated, “I am so glad I chose to work with TOM HAMILTON and his excellent, first class company, WEST BAY MEDIA GROUP, to create my website for One-On-One Doubles Tournaments! Tom’s company has showcased his innovative ways to produce and maintain our game and events’ website. The web-site is engaging more tennis fans, sponsors, and players. The fact that Tom is also a high-quality Blues and Jazz musician, only adds to his capability to highlight the live music part of my tournament events. I highly recommend Tom Hamilton’s company”, stated Coach Krass. In addition, the website can be scaled with new technology as the demand for One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments increases. Moving forward, West Bay Media Group will maintain all aspects of the website and provide consultation services for new strategic partner One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments.

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West Bay Media Group is a technology company that specializes in designing, deploying, managing, and marketing of small business websites. Founded by entrepreneur, Tom Hamilton, the company continues to add new partnerships. With a background in technology, sales, marketing, and consulting, Mr. Hamilton brings his vast knowledge in these areas to assist every partner with their online strategies.



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