Testimonial – Countryside Automotive

Testimonial – Countryside Automotive

After 25 years of dealing with Tom with all my social media needs, he really pulled through for me recently. My 30 year business was suspended/deleted from Google after I relocated and delayed updating my information on Google.

Reinstatement on Google is nearly an impossible task to do on your own. After countless hours of phone calls to Google and hours on the computer, Google informed me to contact a second party affiliate to get reinstated and wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars for the service.

I gave Tom a call, which I should have done from the beginning, explaining my situation and with his guidance had me up and running on Google within a couple days with all my reviews and comments intact.

Tom is an expert at what he does, his rates are more than reasonable and just a great guy to deal with.


Testimonial – Coffman Capital

Tom Hamilton is a true professional at his craft.  He and Carolyn were personally involved in every aspect of developing the website including the theme, structure, optional pages, illustrations, the works.  When it came to content, he encouraged us to do our best and showed us examples of what might work and how to start.  The one quality I would point to is flexibility.  At no point did I feel boxed in or limited in scope for what we wanted to put together and tell our customers.  They helped us with our logo art as well, working with my own ideas and making it look great, and then producing usable versions for outside printing uses.  As Tom likes to say (a lot): value added service.  Updates and changes are easily done, and in a timely manner, so the website maintenance is working really well.  You’ll enjoy working with West Bay Media Group!

Matt Parker – CEO

Coffman Capital