Hello World of the Web friends!!!!

I hope you find this website informative – especially small business owners! Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with many of you from varied backgrounds and walks of life. Thank you for that great opportunity.
One of my Strategic Partners is Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jared Salinsky. Dr. Salinsky asked me to build and manage his website.

The goal was to create a useful tool for current and potential patients. By providing the general public and interested individuals free orthopedic content, they would have more information at their disposal to help them to understand general orthopedic issues.

If you click on the Blog Page – you will find EXCERPTS of each blog post. This helps to increase the VALUE of the site since now the end user can view several topics at once. This increases the likelihood of LONGER engagement on the site. When you click on individual Blog Post, you are taken to a page dedicated to that topic. This page provides more in-depth information, INCLUDING links to credible sites that validate the content offered on Dr. Salinsky’s site.

Content Creation is CRITICAL in today’s Web World. Just as important is the VALUE provided by that content. If you are a small business owner, maintaining control of the CONTENT on your site is critical if you are going to be competitive in the next five years. You can contact me anytime to discuss your specific needs.

I can be reached at (727) 410-2277 or tom@westbaymediagroup.com