West Bay Media Group - Holiday Offer

Independence Month Pro WordPress Website Offer

We are entering the second half of the year. 

As a business owner you know the next two quarters
are important.

You want to finish out the year strong and enter 2023 with good momentum.

 Now is the PERFECT time to have your website run correctly and NOT LET IT RUN YOU!

I see time and time again hard-working small business owners realizing they need a website but are unsure how to accomplish it. They know it HAS to be done and yet they stay stuck.

The challenges of every day ownership takes priority over a fully functioning website.

A working website is a cost-effective way to increase leads for your business.

Neglecting this important tool is to your own detriment.

I have consulted now with dozens of business owners to help them take control of their website and assisted them to SCALE it.  In my article about Responsive Business Websites I wrote about Moore’s Law  which basically states that power of the microchip doubles every 18 month.  Being aware of these dynamic changes to the internet is something WE do so our Strategic Partners can rely on US to support them on the digital marketing side. 

What does this mean for you?

It means that unless you spend a large amount of time studying how to build websites, how to run them, how to market them, you will find it extremely difficult to keep up. In fact, when I consult with my Strategic Partners, I highly recommend to them NOT TO DO IT YOURSELF!

The whole purpose of West Bay Media Group is to help the small business owner as a Strategic Partner. This means that you will have a reliable and trustworthy partner to deploy your content on your website. Additionally, it means you have the peace of mind knowing that your website works and is maintained with the most updated software and security features.

Search engines crawl each page of your website individually. So it stands to reason that the more QUALITY pages you have on your website the more likely it will get noticed in the organic search. With that concept in mind we are offering our Independence Month Pro WordPress Website Offer!

For any small business owner looking for a new website we will provide
Pro Package Plan at the Basic Plan pricing!!  

This means YOU will get an additional 5 pages added to your website and save $500.00!


West Bay Media Group - Holiday Offer

With this great deal you can use the savings to help jump start the marketing of your brand new custom responsive website.

In summary, you are getting a 10 page website (Pro Plan) for the cost of a 5 page website (Basic Plan).

STOP worrying about your website and begin USING it as a VALUABLE TOOL for your business. If you can email and send an attachment, YOU can own a Custom Responsive Website and OPERATE it to increase sales online.

We are intent with helping our Partners long term. Please contact me as soon as possible to take advantage of this great deal! This is a limited time offer so do not hesitate.

Now is YOUR time to RUN your website.

Do not delay and call today!

Tom Hamilton CEO/FOUNDER

West Bay Media Group