Luck of The Irish

Well spring is about to be “sprung” and now is the time for spring cleaning! March also means that we are in the final month of the first quarter of 2019. We business owners know the importance of quarters in business and how they ADD UP to make a YEAR!!

I have had the opportunity to work with many business owners over my lifetime and I can tell you the successful ones are always striving – working hard – on improving their business. Through this process sometimes they can get in their own way. I have done it myself and I know you have too!!!

When your focus is on the daily grind of running a profitable business, sometimes you may over extend yourself in other areas that MAY NOT be an area of strength.  I realized that the Small Business Owner was being underserved and under – VALUED in the market place. Every day they are approached by the BIG clumsy marketing companies telling them to pay a flat fee – buys some Ad words and business will flock to their website. What they don’t tell them is they take money from their competitor too! And whoever has more “marketing dollars” invested will get THAT traffic.

The mistake I kept observing was that the owner would want to develop and run their own website – yet they did not have the tech or marketing chops to make it happen. Thus one QUARTER after the next would pass by and they would spend their time trying to GET A WEBSITE DEPLOYED!  They didn’t realize that the Internet world was not interested in their site because it was poorly made. Furthermore Google would give the site NO play. Why? Because Google is an ADVERTISING company interested in REVENUE. If you are not willing to PAY for ADS and you website is broken – they want nothing to do with you.  Poorly designed site + poor traffic flow of leads = low sales.

Given all of these factors I figured out that having a website that keeps up with the pace of the INTERNET is more important than ever.  That is why I use the WordPress platform to SOLVE ALL of these inevitable problems.  Now is the time to REDEVELOP your site and have the piece of mind to knowing IT WORKS AND that you will have a RELIABLE STRATEGIC PARTNER to guide you through the murky waters of the web.  This is YOUR LUCKY month!!! I wanted to give hard working business owners a leg up – so here is an offer that even an Irishman CANNOT refuse!! I would like to offer anyone reading this article the West Bay Media Group’s Pro Package for $1,500.00 for the month of March 2019 only!!! That means you will get A responsive WordPress website for the price of our Basic Package. In addition to saving $500.00 dollars this gives you 5 more pages of content, a Content Manager, and a Blog. These are ALL of the tools you will need to START off strong and still have the ability to scale as your business grows!!

Now is the time to act. Stop being OUT OF LUCK with your website. Do not hesitate – Contact West Bay Media Group today to stop the bleeding of your time and resources. You stop BAD LUCK in its tracks and get to enjoy the Luck of Irish today. Erin Go Braugh!