During these difficult times we were trying to think of how we could contribute to the community in our own way?


The Covid pandemic has created a lot of obstacles at the same time it is also created opportunities in business. When this crisis hit we put out content on our website to help people upskill their digital game.  You can find a lot of that information by going to our blog and by following us on social media.

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You can Leverage this information to help you with your own online business.



The main service we offer to the small business owner is website design, development, deployment, ongoing maintenance, and marketing. A business website is a critical component of your business today. With 60% of traffic going through smart phones, having a custom responsive website is essential. And if you don’t know how to do it, you end up spinning your wheels and stop due to the frustration of not being to run your website effectively.

I can’t tell you how many times I ran into frustrated business owners because of their inability to have their website work.
In fact many times I had to overcome more than the usual objections to garner their trust for the business.
They have had bad experiences and until I can prove to them our system works, I had to work though their concerns one point at a time.

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So we have spent many hours helping the business owner tighten up their brand and as a result we have many hours of online business development under our belt. These experiences have helped us to shape marketing practices that we can share with our other partners. Using this experiential approach everyone wins.

I wanted to give hard working business owners a leg up – so here is an offer!!

I would like to offer anyone reading this article the West Bay Media Group’s Pro Package for only $1,500.00

This offer is for the month of October 2020 only!!!

That means you will get: 

  • A responsive WordPress website for the price of our Basic Package
  • Save $500.00
  • 5 pages of additional content
  • A Built in Blog
  • A CRM

The savings alone pays for your first 3 month of service.

These are ALL of the tools you will need to START off strong and still have the ability to scale as your business grows!!

Now is the time to act. Do not hesitate