I have known Tom Hamilton for over 10 years when he used to call on me as a medical device representative. At that time, Tom displayed ahigh level of professionalism and knowledge that I always  expect  when I go into the operating room to treat one of my patients.  So when the time came for me to develop a new website, I knew Tom Hamilton of West Bay Media Groupwould be the easy choice to make. Currently, we are on the second generation of the website.  It has met and surpassed all my expectations. I wanted a website that was going to provide information for my patients. We have accomplished that, and we continually update the site to provide valuable information about the latest trends in orthopedics. If you are a small business owner considering developing a new website, do not hesitate to call Mr. Hamilton at West Bay Media Group.

Dr. Jared Salinsky
Center for Bone and Joint Disease