At West Bay Media Group, we are always contemplating creative ways to help our strategic partners share their message. For close to twenty years, our management of small business owner websites has given us keen insight into the concerns encountered by entrepreneurs. We realized that time is a precious commodity for them.  One of the main resounding challenges we hear time and again is about the dilemma of how to get the marketing material sent out and READ.

The owner/operator usually has a good concept or idea for their business, which is the conceptual phase of the process. Now, how do you quantify it AND send the message out to the marketplace to be seen? Before there can be any conversion (sale), the product/service must be noticed.

This is why we created
a new marketing product called
The One Sheet.”

“The One Sheet” is intended to be a very simple representation of your business that can be read as an attachment to an email.

As simple as it may seem, having the important products and services available on one electronic file is valuable for Six reasons.

Number 1. Letterhead
The form will have your letter head on it. This shows that you are a professional. For example, if a person prints out “The One Sheet” and leaves it somewhere, anyone that picks it up will have no confusion as to whose company is on the marketing flyer.

Number 2. Easy for the prospect
You make it easy for your prospect. At a quick glance, they see what you are all about.  People that are seeking your services are usually only interested those types of services; hence, if your “The One Sheet” ends up in the hands of someone who is not interested in your service for whatever reason, you eliminate any sort of “tire kickers” and “time-wasters”.

Number 3.   PDF Format
The PDF format is valuable because it is universal, and everyone can read a PDF regardless of operating system. Another benefit is unless someone has a certain application to do so, such as a Word Program, PDF documentation is not easily altered. 

Number 4. Interactive Document & SEO
The electronic version of this document will contain custom hyperlinks that connect back to your website, making it a key benefit for bringing the customers directly to your website for more information, resulting in increased traffic flow to your website organically. This in turn helps your company with SEO rankings.

Number 5. Brevity
The document is easy to read and is vague for a reason.  Brevity is a significant tool in the sales process, and by not overloading The One Sheet with ALL of your information allows the consumer to pick a choice based on their needs.

Number 6. Hard Copy
The interactive digital marketing piece can also be printed out into a hard copy for dropping off anywhere, allowing you the ease of both brick and mortar and digital deployment



At West Bay Media Group, we work hard to take care of our clients which gives us good reason to always be innovating and brain-storming new ideas for them so that they, in turn, can stay focused on their business.

Find out more about “The One Sheet” by visiting our website today,, or DM us anytime on any of our internet platforms.

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Thank you,

Tom Hamilton
CEO / Founder
West Bay Media Group